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Before capsules and pods, there was freeze-dried instant coffee powder, which of course tasted nothing like a real espresso. Now: for some time we have been following the vicissitudes of sovereigntists and populists with the idea that their political future depended on their Euro-solubility. Referring to the law-and-order, xenophobic and immigrant-hostile traits that have become common currency in European debates, we wrote that a Europe that protects could use the anti-immigration rhetoric of the sovereigntists to keep them on the leash of the pro-European strategic consensus.

No sooner said that done. In Italy, as in France and other European countries, that phenomenon is in full swing. In Italy, the Five Star Movement has already embarked on its path to conversion a year and a half ago, entrusted with no less than the direction of Italian diplomacy. And even the Lega, believe it or not, has become a pro-European party overnight. In France, a similar process has seized Marine Le Pen's Rassemblement National: the relationship with Europe has changed, there is no longer any talk of Frexit, and even the euro has become a currency that protects. It is certainly a sign of the times: sovereignism is in a bad place, the pandemic of the century is not something for adventurers and amateurs, and the sovereigntist-in-chief, Donald Trump, in the White House has exited the stage with a tragicomic and grotesque curtain call. But above all it is a sign of Europe's money in its recovery plan, which no one wants to give up.

Draghi, Macron, and Merkel, together with the other European leaders, will be the interpreters at the highest level of the strategic guidelines of the EU, with the task of directing a European restructuring that will define this decade. It will be a long battle, and a formidable challenge for a class opposition. The enemy is at home: disguised as the Europe which protects, European imperialism is preparing new confrontations in the world contention and new wars. All the more reason not to swallow the swill of these complete and sudden political turncoats. There is another politics, a communist politics, based on trustworthiness, knowledge and passion for struggle. Proletarian opposition to European imperialism.

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